Regional Committees

In order to ensure that each geographical area had the opportunity to establish its own priorities, in 2009 a regional engagement process was developed to allow for community input into the ASRPA Strategy. That process helped to define the 5 pillars and core priorities of the Strategy and reinforced the importance of building infrastructures to support regionally relevant priorities.

This process has been renewed on an annual basis, and continues to serve as the launching point for the ASRPA Strategy. Through a self-directed, credible, open and representative engagement process, six Regional Committees are re-established each year to represent and serve all the First Nations, Metis Chartered Communities, and Aboriginal Friendship Centres within the geographic boundaries.

These regional committees have, in turn, elected leaders from among themselves to help with the planning, communication, organization and implementation of activities within their communities.

Click here to see a pdf link of the ASRPA Strategy:

Regional Committee Leads

Ken Edzerza: Northeast
Phone: 250-964-3317 | Email:

Courtenay Gibson: Vancouver Coastal
Phone: 604-269-3451 | Email:

Dewayne Robinson: Northwest
Phone: 250-876-8708 | Email:

Mildred Price and Wally Samuel Sr.: Vancouver Island
Mildred Price: Phone: 250-876-8708 | Email:
Wally Samuel Sr.: Phone:250.724.5290

Cheryl Charlie: Fraser
Phone: 604-796-2146 | Cell: 604-316-5698 | Email:

Bruce Baptiste: Interior
Phone: 250-302-1401 | Email: