As a volunteer directed Society, the Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (I·SPARC) is seeking a variety of individuals who possess an assortment of business skill sets to serve on its board.

We are seeking Directors who reflect our values, priorities and are responsive to our mission: to build programs and services that positively impact the health and well-being of Indigenous individuals, families, and communities throughout British Columbia. 

Recruitment Philosophy 

Equity and Diversity – inclusive of First Nations (those who reside on and off reserve), Métis, Inuit, who bring urban and rural/remote perspectives from across British Columbia. 

Strategic Thinking — Thought leaders who are focused on high level, long-range, strategic issues  

Proven Performers — Demonstrate knowledge through contribution to the industry 

Commitment Serving I·SPARC is an honour, but it also requires a commitment of time and dedication to the Society’s mission, vision, and goals 

Collaboration — Well developed interpersonal and communication skills are essential in board service, including an ability to listen, analyze, and assess situations and act responsibly as a member of a unified, collegial board 

Sound Judgment and Integrity — Exercise powers in the interest of the organization, maintaining a high degree of confidentiality and free from conflicts of interests. 

Profile of Directors  

Prospective Directors will also possess the following: 

  • Represent diversity and inclusion from a variety of geographic areas of British Columbia 
  • Respect and understanding of Indigenous culture and traditions  
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities and teamwork attitude 
  • Have prior experience in developing new Societies and board of directors 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with Senior Management, Regional Leads, committees, and key stakeholders 
  • Experience in reviewing and support strategic plans and their implementation  
  • Posses knowledge of I·SPARC’s funding agencies to help acquire and comply with funding opportunities 

Recruitment – Areas of Expertise   

Given the above, we are seeking a range of individuals who have the diverse expertise, skills, and areas of knowledge to serve as Directors. The following background and areas of expertise are being sought: 


  • Working in the legal professional with expertise in corporate law and legal transactions. 
  • Can provide legal guidance and assist board and staff with understanding the legal implications of I·SPARC’s activities and ensure that the board understands relevant legal issues as a part of strategic planning and decision making.   
  • Provide guidance on issues such as funding agreements, contracts, and policy creation  
  • Review and support risk management practices and determine when outside legal counsel might be necessary.   


  • Accounting designation (CPA) or close to completion plus relevant job experience at a senior level. 
  • Strong knowledge of accounting principles and regulations, compliance and control issues. 
  • Ability to review and interpret financial statements to ensure auditing and accounting standards. 
  • Ability to provide analysis, report findings and year-end results. 
  • Understanding of federal and provincial laws and regulations including those pertaining to Indigenous peoples. 

Human Resources 

  • Experience in working with societies to develop human resource and employment policies. 
  • Provide guidance on salary and compensation frameworks. 
  • Development of performance management systems. 
  • Development of grievance processes. 

Organizational Development / Change Management   

  • Works to develop change management plans to help implement and integrate the new governance structure. 
  • Identifies needs to create resources, tools, training, and other related products to enable the implementation of the Provincial Strategy. 
  • Assist in development of highperformance culture as a new Society. 


  • Contribute expertise to assist staff in establishing marketing, branding and communication plans and initiatives. 
  • Build the I·SPARC brand and develop creative market outreach programs that will support new program growth. 
  • Advise staff on strategies and development for various marketing communications channels and web presences including, electronic/social media, newsletter, public relations, website, and printed collateral. 
  • Maintain and build relationships with key industry partners and the media in conjunction with staff efforts. 

Other Considerations: 

Language and CommunicationThe board communicates in English and each meeting involves the substantial reading of reports. Access to a computer and the internet are required. 

Term of Office Directors will be appointed for up to a three-year term. 

Time Commitment The board will meet at least four times per year; twice via conference call and twice in-person.  Directors are expected to participate in one or two board committees which meet by conference call or in conjunction with in-person board meetings. 

ExpensesTravel and accommodations for meetings are arranged and covered by I·SPARC. 

How to Apply: 

Please complete the application available on the following link: 

The Deadline for applying is 5 p.m., Tuesday, February 2, 2021. Questions about the positions or I·SPARC may be directed to: 

 Moira Gookstetter, facilitator for the I·SPARC Nominating Committee