Community Sport Development

Each of our Six Regional Committees have identified priority sports (Click on your Region), which serve as the focal point for region wide sport development in the areas of youth camps, coaching certification courses and official’s training.

Requests for Community Sport Development activities outside of the list of priority sports are also welcomed and the Regional Committee will consider those requests on a case by case basis.

We are inviting First Nations, Métis Chartered Communities, Friendship Centres and other not-for-profit Indigenous organizations to request to host Regional Youth Sport Camps, Coaching Certification Courses and/or Officials Training Sessions in their community/Centre.  To apply for a program, please contact your Regional Coordinator.

Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information:

Fraser Region:
Alana Cook    (t) 604-807-5334

Interior Region:
Bernard ‘Buzz’ Manuel, Jr.   (t) 250-350-3254

Northeast Region:
Allie Auger  (t) 250-940-4918

Northwest Region:
Toni Muldoe    (t) 250-842-8170

Vancouver Coastal Region:
Pete Natrall   (t) 250-940-4915

Vancouver Island Region:
Lise Gillies   (t) 250-940-4914