Regional Committee + Coordination Group

NW - Regional Committee Pic - WebThe Regional Engagement meetings are important forums designed for anyone involved in Indigenous sport, recreation, physical activity, and health promotion. Our aim is to engage all communities (First Nations and Métis, Friendship Centres and other key stakeholder groups) committed to building healthy, active communities through sport, recreation and physical activity. Each Regional Engagement and planning meeting will provide an open forum to report on I·SPARC’s Recreation and Physical Activity Programs; plan for the roll-out of the future year’s programs; and reconfirm the Regional Committee structures that will maintain oversight for the year’s activities.

2016/2017 Northwest Regional Coordinating Group
Dewayne Robinson-Turner (Lead)  Moricetown
Corrine McKay (Alt Lead) Greenville
Chris Daniels Gitanmaax
Bonita Young-Mercer Nisgaa
Chris Daniels Gitxsan Nation
Frankie Abel Gitanmaax
Shane Gibson Kitwanga
Terry Monture Terrace
John Olson Sik-E-Dakh
Esther McLean New Hazelton
Michelle Pineault Skidegate
Toni Muldoe Gitanmaax


Northwest 2014_2015 Committee