You are invited to attend an NCCP Aboriginal Coaching Module course hosted by ISPARC (the Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council) and PacificSport Fraser Valley

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the role of sport in Aboriginal communities;
  • Understanding and positively influencing the community in which you coach;
  • Coaching the whole person; coaching beyond the physical to include the mental (intellectual and emotional), spiritual, and cultural;
  • Responding to racism in sport;
  • Establishing a code of behaviour for your team that reflects differences and that addresses racism; and
  • Helping those you coach make healthy lifestyle choices.

Long-term Objectives

  • Making the wisdom of Aboriginal culture available to both Aboriginal and mainstream sport;
  • Increasing awareness of sport and support for the ACM among Aboriginal communities and the mainstream sport community in Canada;
  • Allowing coaches and communities the opportunity to embrace culturally sensitive practices so they can better meet the diverse needs of Aboriginal athletes in Canada;
  • Having coaches at all levels of sport use material rom the ACM in their day-to-day interactions with Aboriginal athletes;
  • Creating opportunities for positive dialogue between administrators, facilitators, coaches, and athletes about how the CM should evolve to meet the constantly changing needs of young Aboriginal athletes; and
  • Increasing the number of NCCP-certified Aboriginal coaches.
  • Coaching young people offers an opportunity to make a difference in this world. Sport can develop a sense of community and common purpose, and foster personal and community development in Aboriginal youth.

Sunday, September 26th 2021
9:00AM – 5:00PM

Registration is open to anyone working in the sports, health, or wellness industry, or with Indigenous people. Participants must be over fifteen years of age to receive NCCP points.


PacificSport Fraser Valley

Unit #109 – 7888 200 Street – Langley, BC V2Y 3J4

Lunch is provided, but please bring a water-bottle. Wear clothing for easy movement.


Stacy Fournier  778-558-6723


Alana Cook 604-807-5334

Please follow link to register: