Indigenous Sport Physical Activity & Recreation Council Fraser Region is pleased to announce an Archery Camp hosted by Region 2 Metis Nation BC. This will be a four-hour “drop-in” event with new lessons happening at the beginning of every hour! Please arrive at either 11AM, 12PM, 130PM, or 230PM for shooting and safety instruction.

Saturday, November 16th 2018 (11AM-3:30PM)
Four Sessions: 11AM-12PM, 12PM-1PM, 130PM-230PM, or 230PM-330PM for shooting and safety instruction.

Participants are suggested to wear clothing specific to running/easy movement, as well as running shoes. Please bring a water-bottle.

Fort Langley Historical Site
23433 Mavis Ave Langley, BC V1M 3R5


Alana Cook
Fraser Region Coordinator

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