Registration opens Monday February 8, 2020


I·SPARC and Pacific Sport Okanagan are pleased to present this free webinar for youth led by Dr. Shaunna Taylor.

You are invited to join this free webinar, Youth-Focused Mental Health Theme: Understanding Anxiety   led by Dr. Shaunna Taylor.

Learning outcomes include:

  • A session dedicated to the youth
  • Although adults may attend as supporters or to get ideas on how to promote them with their youth (since some expressed challenges getting their youths to do additional Zooming)
  • The focus will be on ANXIETY – different ways it manifests in youth; when some is normal and important, why too much / too often can be detrimental to long-term health
  • Anxiety-reduction strategies
  • Where does sport fit in?


About Dr. Shaunna Taylor

Dr. Shaunna Taylor, Executive Director of PacificSport Okanagan, holds 20+ years of experience as a clinician and service provider to athletes, dancers, musicians, and other high performance-based professions. She is the Chair of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and an advocate for promoting mental performance and mental health as part of holistic development systems.

From providing support to developing athletes, to being an integrated support team member to six Olympic and four Paralympic Games, Dr. Taylor bring decades of experience to athletes and coaches looking to add to their mental flexibility. She is the mental performance service provider to Ballet Kelowna, providing support to athletes and coaches through PacificSport Okanagan, as well as being a practitioner with the Canadian Centre for Mental Health in Sport.


Please contact Alissa Assu, or 778 866 4613.