Gathering Our Voices – Youth Conference

This year 1,211 delegates attended the Gathering Our Voices (GOV) youth conference, held March 21 – 24 in Kelowna, BC on the traditional territory of the Westbank First Nation. The event was co-hosted by the BCAAFC, their Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council, the Ki-low-na Friendship Society and the Okanagan Nation Alliance.

I·SPARC oversaw the delivery of three different workshops at GOV, accounting for ten sessions on the schedule. Additionally, the AHLA offered the Re-Think Your Drink Station, serving over 1,000 samples of sugar-free drinks accompanied by impactful visuals displaying the sugar content of common beverages.

I·SPARC facilitated a wide variety of workshops under the Aboriginal Healthy Living Activities umbrella. Highlights included:

  • Food Is Fuel, with delegates learning about how marketing affects our food choices and what a “whole food” is. All while snacking on rosehip jam, fir tip lemonade and “apple sandwiches”
  • The Truth About Tobacco, where delegates learned about the evolution of tobacco, from traditional to today’s “vaping.”
  • FitNation, where youth played “FitNation Freeze Tag” and competed in the GOV 2017 FitNation Plank Challenge.

The 2018 Gathering Our Voices conference will be held in Richmond, BC.