Program Curriculum

Enhance foundational movement skills to allow athletes to become COMPLETE CHAMPIONS . Sessions will focus on balance, strength, speed and power in 3 movement streams:

1) strength and conditioning – increase training efficiency and decrease risk of injury.

2) gymnastics – develop kinesthetic awareness, balance, mobility, landing skills, etc.

3) sprint training – improve technical proficiency for basic movement patterns like running, jumping, reaction time, speed, agility, range of motion, etc.

4) sport readiness – current and interactive athlete education sessions, including 2 sport psychology sessions to help athletes develop the mental skills needed for improved athletic performance.

Athlete Benefits

  • Introduction to a high performance lifestyle
  • Dedicated and experienced coaches
  • Exclusive athlete to coach ratio
  • Improved overall athleticism
  • Enhanced core strength
  • Physical literacy and fitness
  • Sport readiness training
  • Two – 60 to 90 minute training sessions per week
  • Includes a shirt, water bottle and training logbook


The PacificSport Fraser Valley IGNITE Athlete Development Program began as a successful 3-month pilot in May, 2011. Since then, the IGNITE program has significantly expanded and evolved. Now, rather than offering only one 3-month program to athlete, IGNITE offers 4 progressively more advanced levels.

The levels involve increasingly more complex movement patterns which require advancing skill levels. Each level involves pre-testing to ensure that athletes are prepared to be safely challenged by the program and post-testing to ensure that athletes are prepared to advance to the next level. The testing also alerts IGNITE coaches to possible deficiencies or imbalances that might increase the risk of injury to athletes and they can work with athletes to resolve these issues during the training sessions.

We recognize that athletes sometimes need to take breaks between IGNITE levels, due to schedule conflicts during busy competitive seasons. As such, IGNITE is designed to empower athletes with the skills to improve their training abilities and train independently, safely and effectively. Athletes complete each IGNITE level know

Program Prerequisites

Athletes must be:

  • Registered with an eligible Provincial Sport Organization
  • Working towards provincial and national-level athletic success
  • Training as part of a Local Sport Organization that provides consistent training and competitive opportunities
  • Between the ages of 12 – 17 at the onset of the program