School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy

youth running in a field on a sunny day

School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project is a multicomponent, school-based health promotion initiative for B.C. schools from Kindergarten to Grade Seven. The project provides both in-person and online professional development opportunities to increase educator’s confidence and competence in delivering quality physical activity and physical literacy opportunities at school, and support links to mental well-being.

The School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy Project is being developed, implemented, and evaluated by Sport for Life, the Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (I·SPARC), Childhood Obesity Foundation, and Physical and Health Education Canada/British Columbia (PHE Canada/PHE BC). The project is supported by the Province of British Columbia.

I•SPARC has adapted and created a number of workshops, print resources, and games and activities specifically designed to support Indigenous students on their Physical Literacy journey.

Visit the Indigenous Resource webpage on the project’s webpage to download the resources or request a workshop for your school