Our Board

In May 2020, I·SPARC incorporated under the leadership of the inaugural Board of Directors for a nine-month term to implement a new framework, operational policies and procedures, while supporting the transition out of its host-agency relationship with BCAAFC. These objectives were met successfully and in February 2021, I·SPARC’s membership elected a new Board of Directors.

I·SPARC would like to recognize the members of its first Board of Directors, representing First Nations, Métis, and Aboriginal Friendship Centres, for their foundational work and commitment to the continued success of the organization:

  • Corinne McKay, President
  • Alan Edkins, Vice President
  • Cheryl Charlie, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Curtis Smecher, Director
  • Wally Samuel, Director
  • Annette Morgan, Director
  • Milly Price, Director
  • Travis Kruger, Director