Our Strategy

The primary goal of the Aboriginal Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Strategy is to improve the health outcomes of Indigenous people across British Columbia by supporting and encouraging physically active communities and by expanding access to sport and recreation opportunities.

The Strategy takes a youth-centered approach, inspired by the BC Aboriginal Youth Sport and Recreation Declaration, established during the 2008 Gathering Our Voices youth conference.

As the fastest growing population in Canada, Indigenous youth represent the future for our communities. Through sport, physical activity and recreation, youth gain an understanding of the benefits of living healthy, active lifestyles. They develop enhanced self-esteem, self-confidence and life skills that translate into positive life choices.


The Five Pillars

The Strategy is organized under five pillars that, together, support the creation of responsive, adaptive and enduring programs for Indigenous people across the province that will positively impact the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities:

Pillar 1: Active Communities

Pillar 2: Leadership and Capacity

Pillar 3: Excellence

Pillar 4: System Development

Pillar 5: Sustainability