I·SPARC is looking for passionate and skilled volunteers to join their Regional Action Teams to build and develop sport, physical activities and recreation opportunities. Qualified applicants are invited to complete an application to be considered by I·SPARC’s Selection Committee.

I·SPARC’s New Regional Action Teams

Last year, I·SPARC incorporated into its own not-for-profit society. This milestone was achieved through the creation of a comprehensive governance framework. As a first step, I·SPARC established a Board of Directors. This next phase has a focus on the enhancement of our Regional committee structure.

The Regional Action Teams will replace the committees formerly known as Regional Coordinating Groups.  Regional Action Teams will be composed of volunteer community members and stakeholder representatives who are committed to building healthy, active Indigenous communities through sport, physical activity, and recreation.

The Regional Action Teams will meet several times a year to (i) provide their leadership in the implementation of I·SPARC’s Provincial Strategy for Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity, and Recreation at the regional/community level, (ii) help guide the work of the Regional Coordinator for their region, and (iii) support building a broader regional network of community and organizational stakeholders.

A selection process will take place over the next several weeks leading to the creation of a Regional Action Team for each of our six regions, along with the selection process for the Regional Leads and Vice Leads.

The deadline to apply is 5 PM, Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

Questions about the Regional Action Teams or other inquiries may be directed to the Regional Coordinator in your region:

Regional Coordinator            

Alana Cook
P:  250.856.0854
Regional Coordinator            

Toni Muldoe
P:  250.856.0861
Vancouver Coastal
Regional Coordinator

Pete Natrall
P:  250.856.0863

Regional Coordinator            

Bernard ‘Buzz’ Manuel
P:  250.856.0868


Regional Coordinator               

c/o Michelle Webster
P:  250.856.0866


Vancouver Island
Regional Coordinator

Jeremy Speller
C. 250.856.0864